My new blog has a name... WRITE NOW

For awhile during the 2000s I was immersed in jazz orchestra writing, exploring my practice of writing down improvisations made in small group settings, editing them together with other solos, and then combining that material with newly written lines to create "big band counterpoint" unconventionally literal combination of improvisation with composition. For my first Jentsch Group No Net project (2012), I decided to write some of the pieces starting from nothing. There was one contrafact and other pieces built off of either an old sketch or a tune, but for several of the pieces from that set of music I decided to really lean in to the “staring at the blank page” thing. A good example of that is what turned out to be a mixed meter, almost sort of prog rock thing, and since I had been making it up in real time, I decided to call it Write Now.

I continued with this approach for my newest No Net project, Topics in American Historyas fully six of the seven numbers were written from scratch. I felt that the programmatic nature of the history concept required composing these movements from the ground up to have the best chance of relating the sounds to the ideas.

So the BLOG Write Now will center principally on my CD releases, performance events, and news items. Among these at the moment is this new Web site that I hope you'll enjoy. There is lots of music, video, free score PDFs, and also as comprehensive a collection as I’ve been able to make of interviews I’ve given and articles written about the music. 

But I may delve into other topics along the way…thanks for stopping by!

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