Blue Schist Music... my personal publishing company and record label that I started in the 1990s. Blue Schist had been a tune I wrote around that time (ancient manuscript here). I later dwelled on it enough to make a jazz orchestra arrangement and I thought the title had enough character to use it as the name of a music business.

Currently there are four titles on this imprint. Most of my future recordings will be released on Blue Schist and available here.

Blue Schist CD001 Media Event  / Christopher Jentsch Trio 1998
Blue Schist CD002 Miami Suite / Chris Jentsch 1999
Blue Schist CD003 Bernadette Jentsch Anthology / Bernadette Jentsch 2010
Blue Schist CD004 Topics in American History / Jentsch Group No Net 2018

Though no specific future Blue Schist releases have reached the production stage, there are about ten archival recordings in the pipeline that I plan to release as part of the Jentsch Underground Series (2010 feature in DownBeat Magazine) least as downloads. These projects include two full blown studio sessions from the 90s that were never released featuring my first quartets as a leader: Planet X and Blue Schist, various trio sessions focusing on spontaneous improvisations, and other releases with a curated and mastered bootleg type of vibe comprising edited guitar solo collections, documentation of gigs by Jentsch Group Large, and other material.