Chris Jentsch is accepting private students of all levels and all styles in guitar, composition (song writing, jazz tunes, arranging), and improvisation or theory for all instruments. Based in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn NY, he is currently teaching at home, the Brooklyn Conservatory, and Suffolk County Community College. His stylistic specialties are jazz, pop, blues, and rock, as well as music history. 

Jentsch earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Jazz Composition from the University of Miami in 1999. In the area of jazz guitar performance he also received a masters from the Eastman School of Music and a bachelors from the New England Conservatory. For five summers he was a member of the faculty at the Eastman School Summer Program and has discharged various teaching duties at all of the other above named schools and others, including teaching guitar at the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn (2000-2008) and the Hochstein School of Music in Rochester NY (1993-1996). He also attended the Berklee College of Music and earned a B.A. in American History from Gettysburg College. Full C.V. and/or further teaching documentation on request. Please contact me for details and potential scheduling. 


Chris works effectively with all students, from the beginner to the advanced student of near-professional skill level. 
- Whitney Sidener (Professor Emeritus, University of Miami School of Music) 

Chris has taught my daughter guitar for 5 years. In those 5 years I have watched her grow from a girl who could barely play a chord to a young lady who is an accomplished guitar player. While Chris is top notch at teaching the mechanics of playing he also manages to build self-confidence, self-esteem and a love of music. My very shy daughter even started singing this year. Chris is a true musician, an excellent teacher and a really great guy. 
Sincerely, Michelle Gondolini 

While I've got you, another thing both Mona and I wanted to make sure you knew was how much we appreciate the way you've been working with Sam. It's a real credit to your approach that he's been sticking with this (despite his limited practicing...) the way he has. We're going to be seeing my closest friend (his "Uncle" John, who he's probably mentioned to you) while we're away, and he's a musician and Sam is incredibly jazzed up about the idea of being able to surprise him with his rendition of White Stripes. It's the first time he's actually had a little taste of what it feels like to be able play an instrument and produce something that is meaningful to him with it -- those kinds of moments go a long way in giving a kid a life-long love of music and a real shot at learning something. It's great and I know how much your work is responsible for it… 
- Jeff Kastner 

I can unhesitatingly provide my very highest possible recommendation (for Chris as a) skilled arranger/composer, talented performer, and well-organized teacher. His easygoing personality and infectious sense of humor, coupled with his superb musicianship have gained him both the affection and respect of students and faculty. While maintaining a strong and authentic interest in “standard” jazz, he has managed to develop a unique voice as a performing jazz guitarist. I find Chris' music to be extremely creative and innovative, cutting-edge if you will, particularly in his singular ability to orchestrally blend the timbres of the contemporary electric guitar with those of the large jazz ensemble. I am not aware of anyone else doing this at this time in this way. Yet, when I listen to how Chris does this, I think “Why hasn't this been tried before?”.
- Randall Dollahon (Associate Professor of Music, ret., University of Miami School of Music)

Thanks again for all the attention and extra efforts that got (my son) ready for the tryout. I’m not totally sure how it went but you’ve instilled a confidence and drive in him that is really impressive to see in a newly minted 13 year old.  [then a year later...] He also starts Jazz at Lincoln Center High School Program on Sundays starting end of September so he will have new music each Monday to work on.  Thanks for keeping this thing going Chris, the theory, and in depth analysis of song structure and history has really helped him grow as musician and human.
- Matthew Magratten

Chris Jentsch is the most versatile and creative young guitarist I know of. His solid grasp of the jazz guitar tradition and strong personal musical vision are a rare combination. (His groups develop) a great rapport. On Media Event there is a lot of very high level playing going on. In 1993 I nominated him for Teaching Assistant of the Year. 
- Bill Dobbins (Professor, Eastman School of Music) 

Clearly influenced by much of the history of jazz, Chris' music also embraces folk music from around the world, exploratory rock music textures, music of the ECM record label, and European Concert Music (particularly the Romantic and Twentieth Century periods). This eclectic mix similarly informs his personal approach to guitar playing which runs the gamut between Jimi Hendrix and Jim Hall.
 Ron Miller (Professor Emeritus, University of Miami School of Music)